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Makeup Essentials Every Girls Needs

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Makeup Essentials Every Girls Needs 

Primer- The primer is most important thing as it creates a smooth flawless canvas for foundation. It also prevents makeup from sliding off and enable along lasting make up power.

Foundation - In your makeup toolbox, a foundation, the one which is perfect fit for your skin, should be included. Get the recommendations for your skin colour. 

Blush/ Bronzer - To add colour to the apple of your cheeks ensure a nice matte cheek colour is applied. Contouring can be achieved with bronzers, and add natural glow to your face. 

Mascara- The eyes are the centre  of your face and  to ensure your eyes look stunning and those lashes are nice thick apply a thin layer of Mascara. Start from the base of the eyelashes and wiggle the brush in an upward motion.

Eyeliner - Eyeliner comes in two main types khol liner and liquid eyeliner.  Use a kohl eyeliner pencil when creating black smokey eyes. The kohl enables dark lines to be blended. Black liquid eyeliner is fantastic of recreating winged eyes or precision lines

Brow Pencil - Define and shape your eyebrow arches by using an eyebrow pencil with a brush.Fill in the spaces between your brows and brush eyebrows in order to achieve a natural full look.

Eye Shadow - The eyeshadow helps in defining your eye and finding complimentary shades to highlight your eye.

Lip Balm- Lip balm is very much considerable thing. The lip balm helps in keeping your lips healthy and smooth. They are highly helpful in the month of winter when the lips get dried and harsh. 

Lip Gloss/ Lipstick -The lip gloss is very much easier to apply as compared to the lipstick and they do not give your over sort of look. You may prefer the lip stain over the lip gloss in oder to preserve the colour.

Quality Brushes - It is recommended good quality brushes are purchased. The effective cleaning of brushes regularly increases their time span.



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