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Choosing the perfect foundation for your skin type

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Foundation is the base of makeup. Every girl wants to do makeup. It is no doubt that for girls, makeup worth a lot. There are a lot of women who are trying to look younger. For a good makeup, the foundation serves a lot. The foundation is like giving the base for makeup. The base is your first step towards your makeup and if it is not right, your makeup will not be effective. In this article, different skin types and different foundations are discussed.

Step 1: Recognise your Skin Type

The first thing is to determine which type skin type is yours. Below is a list of the most five common skin types

Normal Skin

The first step in this process is recognizing the skin type. You are having normal skin if the skin complexion you have is even on all sides of your face. The second thing about a normal skin is that the surface of the skin is neither too much oily nor it is too much dry but somewhere in between the two types. The pores are pretty small in size and there might be few lines, creases and wrinkles. It may have few breakouts as well.

Oily Skin

If you have an oily skin, your face will be shining all around. It will be for a long time. There will be large and open pores making your skin very oily. There will be frequent blemishes on your face. They may be black or they may be white. If you ask for wrinkles and lines, the oily face has fewer lines and wrinkles as compared to the normal face.

Dry Skin

For the dry skins, the pores are almost undetectable. The face will be dry and the skin may look like stretched and tight. The skin tone has simple ruddy look and the dry feeling can be experienced when you touch your cheeks. These faces have more lines and wrinkles.


There are skins which are combination of different types. If your skin is in combination, the T-zone of your skin will be a little oily while if you will touch your cheeks, they will be dry. There will be larger pores on the chin and cheeks. The breakouts may be seen on nose, cheeks, chin ir forehead.

Sensitive Skin

There are sensitive skins as well. These types of skin have patches which will look dry and/or red. These kinds of face will have the Rosacea and the skin will be thin. The property of these faces is that they are very much sensitive to things such as burning, flushing etc.

Step 2: Choosing the perfect foundation for your skin type

Now when you have determined the skin type, your next step is to choose the right foundation.

Cream Foundation

The cream foundation is suitable for the normal skin, dry skin and for the combination. There are certain women who has uneven complexion throughout the face. For these women, this is the most suitable foundation. With the dewy finishing, the medium or full covering is recommended. It makes the color even and removes the imperfection of the skin, making your makeup flawless. You can use a makeup sponge as well as foundation brush to apply it.

Liquid Foundation

The liquid foundation can be applied to all types of skins but it is best suitable for the dry skins of mature people. This helps in smoothing and moisturizing the skin. It should be applied lightly or with medium touch. The suggested finishes are Dewy, stain or matte (relying on the making of your foundation). To apply this, you may choose anything between the makeup sponge and foundation brush.

Pressed Powder Foundation

This type of foundation is perfect for the oily skins. The coverage should be light to medium with a matte finish. This serves as the absorbent for excess oil and helps in the hiding of imperfections as well as making your skin tone even. The suggested application is powder brush to implement this on your skin. But remember that the denser your brush brittles are, the more material will be putted on your skin.

Mineral Foundation

Except oily skin, this is suitable for all kinds but especially for the sensitive skin types. Once again for this kind of foundation, the expected coverage is light or medium with the matte finish. Before application ensure your skin is moisturised and hydrated. Mineral foundations are best buffed onto the skin using kabuki brush.

Here are a few of our favourite Mineral foundations:

Bare Minerals Original Foundation SPF 15

Tinted Moisturiser

This type of foundation is recommended for those who have normal or dry skin. Best to be used sduring summer when a lighter coverage is needed and for hot days when your skin requires more hydration.Sheer tinted moisturisers should provide just enough coverage and without the  heavy feel for a normal liquid foundation.



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