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Perfect Eyebrows in 3 Steps

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Create the perfect brow in three easy steps.

1. Outline Eyebrows

The easiest way to create the perfect outline is to use an eyebrow stencil.

Select the most suitable arch for your face type. 

Place the eyebrow stencil onto your eyebrow and trace lightly with an eyebrow pencil.


Alternatively you can use your brow pencil to mark the outside , inside edge of the brow and the arch. 

This part of the process is nothing more than a guideline so you don’t need anything bigger than a small dot.

Use the dots that you’ve marked as guides to provide the straightest outline possible. 

2. Fill your Brow

When  filling in the brow use tiny quick strides with a eyebrow pencil or eyebrow powder. 

This will ensure the eyebrows look as natural as possible. 

Try to mix up the strides as well as possible but be sure that you’re keeping them short.

The best way to practice this is by drawing tiny lines on a piece of paper. 

It’s difficult to find the best combination of short and long lines that will give you the best natural look possible. 

3. Remove Any Mistakes

You can easily take a makeup remover soaked cotton bud and run it over your eyebrow in order to remove it mistakes.

Tame any eyebrow hairs and set hairs in place with some clear eyebrow gel.

If you aren’t especially experienced with lining your eyebrows, expect to make a lot of mistakes

There is definitely a strong learning curve for drawing and shaping the perfect eyebrows.

To achieve the perfect brows ensure plenty of practice, patience and tools to get the optimal eyebrow look.


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